1. Open up an Internet Browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari).

  2. Go to the page www.tapseries.com.

  3. Go to "Administration".

  4. Enter your username and password then click "Submit."

  5. Click on “Business Color Coded Progress Report”.
  6. Various information needs to be entered on the next page. Step 7 will show what each of these mean in detail.
  7. TAP Course Weeks: This field is the amount of weeks that you want your employee to take to complete the course. There are 15 lessons. For example, if 4 weeks is entered the employee will have to complete a minimum of 4 lessons per week to be current. One week is the minimum setting for this reporting feature.
    Minimum Score Requirement
    : This is the score you want to set for the Practice Examination at the end. If the student receives anything less than this then the report will show they are not compliant to your criteria.
    Save: Once the criteria has been set, press save report.
  8.  After entering your criteria and saving your report, you can do one of the following. You can click on “View Report” and it will show you the report based on the criteria you have entered. The second option is just to delete the report you created.
  9.  After completing the steps above, you will now have completed the steps for creating your report. You will receive an email with a link to this report every Monday for as long as you have employees training for the amount of weeks set.

To view this tutorial as a PDF with pictures, click the attachment below.