If your location uses vouchers purchased at a bookstore, the student first needs to buy the course voucher from the school’s bookstore. Once the student has purchased the voucher, the student will write their name on the voucher and the bookstore will keep this voucher. All the purchased vouchers will then be handed to the director by the bookstore. The director then will divide the vouchers accordingly to the class the student is enrolled in. The director will then give each professor the vouchers for their class. At this point, the director should let the professor know his class login and password. It is now the professor’s job to add the student. Below are the instructions on how to add a student.


If you would like to add using the Excel spreadsheet, then the first step would be to create the Excel spreadsheet.


  1. Open up an Internet Browser and go to www.tapseries.com.

  2. Click where it says "Administration" on the top of the page.

  3. Enter in your account user name and password then click "Submit."

  4. Click on "Add Students".

  5. Click on "Click Here for Instructions" under the list of Instructions.

  6. Click on the appropriate course to download the correct Excel template for your course.  YOU MUST USE A TEMPLATE TO ADD STUDENTS.  DO NOT CREATE YOUR OWN EXCEL FILE.

  7. Download and open the Excel Spreadsheet. Enter the students' information under the correct columns. Note that Food Safety Managers Courses do not require birthdates while Food Handler, Alcohol Training, and Allergen Awareness require birthdates. You will be allowed to enroll up to 2-20 students at a time using the Excel spreadsheet. If more than 20 students need to be enrolled, then you will have to create new spreadsheets for the remaining students in groups of 20.

  8. After entering your students' information, save the Excel spreadsheet. In order to save it, click on the "File" button in the upper left-hand corner. After clicking on the File button, click "Save As".

  9. After clicking on the "Save As" button a window will appear. Save the file to your computer with a unique file name (example: the class name and year) and then click on "Save".

  10. After saving the first spreadsheet, you can create other spreadsheets if you have more students to add by following steps 7-10 above (2-20 allowed per spreadsheet). If no other students are to be added, then move on to step 12.

  11. Go back to the Add New Student(s) page; if you cannot find this page follow steps 1-5 above or click the back button on your browser. Select the appropriate course from the dropdown menu and enter the number of students as on your spreadsheet into the "Number of students to add" box. Then click “Add Student(s)”.

  12. Click on “Choose file”.

  13. In the popup window, locate the Excel spreadsheet you just saved and click “Open”. Then click “Submit”.

  14. The page will update to show the inputted student information at the bottom. If the student’s username is already being used, a red box will indicate that the student username must be changed. Any additional changes to the student information can also be made. The store number must also be entered in order to add students.

  15. If more students need to be added, repeat steps 7-13 with a new Excel spreadsheet.

  16. If the inputted information is correct and no more students need to be added, click “Add Student(s)” at the very bottom of the page.

  17. After clicking "Add Students”, you will be taken to a confirmation page and given the option to either print the student information or to start the course. Please call 818-889-8799 for assistance.

To view this tutorial as a PDF with pictures, click the attachment below.