The following are directions of how to print a student's certificate. Before starting, please make sure that the computer you are using has access to a working printer and the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.

  1. To go to TAP Series Certificate page, click here. Or you can open a web browser with this URL:

    Once the page is loaded, type in your student user name and password. This is the same user name and password you use for training. DO NOT use your account user name here.

    Click on Sign In to enter.

  2. Once logged-in, there will be a list of training programs you are enrolled in.

    Notice under Course Status, each course listed will either be marked as In Progress or Completed. You may only print the certificate of a course where Course Status is marked as Completed. The Food Handler course requires a score of 70% or greater, and all other courses require a score of 80% or higher in every lesson to earn the certificate.

    To view the certificate, select the program you wish to print a certificate for by clicking on the circle next to it, then click the View/Print Certificate button.

  3. When the browser has loaded the certificate, it will appear on the screen for viewing. Click on the print button located on the top-left side of your web browser. MAKE SURE that the computer you are using has access to a working printer.


Mac computers that use Firefox browsers could have problems with the Adobe Reader software. To obtain your certificate, either use the Safari browser, or send your user name and password to and your certificate will be e-mailed to you.